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Youth Forum for Foreign Policy 


It is an initiative that seeks to develop an informed and substantive dialogue on foreign policy issues among India’s youth, and to ensure that India’s foreign policy is more responsive to the concerns of the youth. It seeks to bring together Foreign Policy Stakeholders (policy makers, government officials, members of political parties, policy think thanks) and youth groups on the same platform to discuss specific thematic and regional foreign policy issues. Youth Forum on Foreign Policy started as a conversation between four like individuals in New Delhi in 2011. Over the years, our presence has expanded to cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata & Guwahati. 


Vision of the Fellowship

We, at the Youth Forum on Foreign Policy and Jindal School of International Affairs believe that discourse on International Relations and Foreign Policy is too important to be left to the specialists. The involvement of a substantive and informed dialogue besides research work is an essential part of bringing it into day to day discussion. The Fellowship seeks to stimulate and enhance young thinkers' capacity for research and praxis. It seeks to address a growing need for education, which can create an ecosystem for research, and make foreign policy and relations an integral part of the academic curriculum. It looks forward to establish an interface between young researchers, experienced practitioners and scholars from different areas of expertise. The overall mission is to stimulate large numbers of students to reflect and undertake research on international relations and foreign policy. This would help the young minds of our country to develop informed views and opinions and contribute to the international discourse. Brevity and articulation in writing would be central to the Fellowship. The programme is focused on creating a think tank in India, which will participate and lead the discussions on international relations and foreign policy.