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Volume 5

Volume 5

Jindal School of International Affairs (JSIA) publishes the annual Jindal Journal of International Affairs (JJIA), which serves as a hallmark of quality research and analysis on the world’s most pressing issues. This journal bears testament to the strong culture of research on international issues that is being promoted along with world class teaching at JSIA. The journal features contributions of serious scholars as well as practitioners who wish to make crucial interventions about international current affairs, float new ideas, and provide solutions to burning contemporary problems. It brings critical insights to major issue areas such as war and peace, diplomatic practice, foreign policy analysis, comparative politics, international political economy, international organisations, humanitarian practice, human rights and contemporary world history. 

The unique aspect of JJIA is its global coverage of issues and events. Although JSIA is located in India, the breadth of its academic interests and knowledge-dissemination is global. The articles in this journal cover the most pressing international problems from various regions of the world, including North Africa, Central Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia and the wider Middle East. 

JJIA enjoys endorsement from some of the world’s most renowned scholars and practitioners of international politics. JJIA will enter the must-read category for post-graduate students of international affairs schools, personnel of international organisations, diplomats, business analysts, strategic affairs think tanks, and governmental foreign policy brains trusts.

 Special Issue – China