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CALACS facilitates study abroad, research fellowships, winter/summer courses and other forms of student exchange programs to/from associate research institutions in ALAC countries to increase JGU students international exposure. With the aim to enhance JGU students learning, CALACS integrates theory with practice by organizing field visits and participation in international events (i.e. BRICS Civil Forum) as well as facilitating internships and part-time academic employment (assistantships) in fields related to the areas of focus of the Center. CALACS also offers advanced studies modules and teaching methods designed to raise the profile of African, Latin America and Caribbean studies in the field of International Relations in India. In 2016-2017 two courses were offered to JGU students: “Economics IV – International Economic Development: Sustainable Development Strategies”; and “Beyond Aid and the Future of Development Cooperation.” "In 2017-2018 CALACS is offering the course Political Economy of Latin America"

  • Student exchange programs (study abroad, research fellowships, short courses)
  • Internships and part-time academic employment (assistantships)
  • Bachelors, Masters and PhD–level coursework and field visits