Prof. (Dr.) Sugandha Nagpal

Assistant Professor

B.A. (Psychology & South Asian Studies), M.A. (Sociology) (York University); M.A. (Sociology & Social Anthropology) (Central European University); Ph.D. (University of East Anglia)

  • +91-1304091823

Prof. (Dr.) Sugandha has completed her Ph.D. in International Development at the University of East Anglia. Her research interests lie in exploring rural populations’ interaction with modernity and development through the ambit of culture, social norms and gender. Her current research explores the gendered dynamics of middle class culture in a Dalit community in Punjab. This research focuses on the ways in which young women from upwardly mobile families are spearheading a shift towards middle class culture through their interactions with education, consumption and migration. In the future, she hopes to further her work on processes of social change and differentiation in rural India and produce insights about the ways in which social norms adapt, decay or evolve in response to conditions of modernity and development. Also, she hopes to branch out into more socially applied research that grapples with ground level implications and challenges of government programs and policies. She aims to exercise a greater focus not just on community experiences vis-à-vis policy implementation but also on the operation and social dynamics of state institutions.