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Research Centers

JGU’s research centres and institutes play an important role in advancing our research agenda and a significant part of our collaborative research work is carried out through them. Our research centres are conceptualized around subject areas of particular interest to the JGU research community and which also serve our research charter and overall vision. Over the past eight years, the University   has established 52 research centres, in addition to three institutes that focus on behavioral sciences, executive education and leadership development and higher education research and capacity building.

Complex problems require interdisciplinary solutions and our research centres are aimed at promoting interdisciplinary research on important local, national and global issues. Each Centre works under the umbrella of one of JGU’s seven schools, and undertakes research on a broad subject area through supporting activities that include: research leading to paper presentations, publications, working paper series, and conferences; events, including visiting speakers (academics/practitioners), exhibitions, and study trips; and industry outreach, including consulting, newsletters, and designing/ sponsoring executive education programs.

A primary aim of the Centres is to provide our students the opportunity to gain broad experience in undertaking rigorous and interdisciplinary research work. Hence, Centres include faculty as well as student participation. Our postgraduate students are provided support to pursue research, participate in conferences and workshops, and undertake study visits.