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Public Health in Conflicts, Complex Emergencies and Disasters Project (PHCCED) (Ongoing)

The PHCCED seeks to measure the impact of large scale societal disruptions through both quantitative and qualitative methods. In addition, the project also contributed to supporting the response by Doctors for You (DFY), a medical humanitarian organization, in the aftermath of the humanitarian crises of 2012 and 2014 whereby 5,00,000 and 3,00,000 people were displaced respectively in Assam. The project is being undertaken with BTC Assam in collaboration with DFY and will span three and a half years. Some of the operational activities in the conflict affected areas are summarized below.

• During September-October 2012, the CSPV developed a comprehensive Integrated Humanitarian Team Resource Management (HTRM) System including safety, security, communication and team building procedures for medical and non-medical volunteers on-site in the Chirang field office for DFY. The HTRM guidelines were based on Crew Resource Management (CRM) applications from aviation safety.


• The CSPV was also involved in designing specific programme outcomes for DFYIndia and provided guidance on WASH and Nutrition as well as conducting evaluations of DFY’s operational functioning in the conflict areas. The CSPV-DFY collaboration led to conduct of continuous field humanitarian assessments between 2012 and 2015.


• An additional effort is also ongoing to ensure that conflict victims (especially children) are included in Project Aashwas scheme (a state-led rehabilitation programme for conflict orphans).


• Since 2015, DFY and CSPV launched a victim assistance project to provide medical care and cash grants to families affected in the 2014-2015 ethnic crises in Bodoland Territorial Council.


Field Reports


• CSPV Field Assessment Report: Assam Humanitarian Crisis 2015 (Chirang District)


• CSPV Field Assessment Report: Assam Humanitarian Crisis 2015 (Kokrajhar District)


• “Humanitarian Crisis in the BTAD of Assam: A View from the Field”, India Defence Review (Online)


• Joint Assessment Report with DFYNortheastern Regional Office (NERO) of the Ongoing Humanitarian Crisis and Situation of Mass Internal Displacement in the Bodoland Territorial Area District (BTAD) region of Assam, February 2013.



Specialized Training Programmes Developed


The CSPV and DFY collaboration also developed the following field training programs which taught subjects ranging from project management in emergencies to epidemiology in disasters, ethics and field data collection. This has culminated in the establishment of several programmes.


• DFY-India, CSPV-JSIA, CIES-JSIA and Knowledge Partners (The Action Northeast Trust (ANT), Assam and JSiE-JGU): Community Peace and Social Recovery Fellowship Programme (CPSRFP) - 2015-16


• The JSIA-DFY Joint Field Internship Programme in Humanitarian Healthcare (January-February 2013)


• Working as Relief Teams in Conflicts, Complex Emergencies and Disasters (May 2013)


• Lower Assam NGO Forum (LANF) Emergency Management Exercise (May-2013). This EmEx led to the

development of the Common LANFInitial Rapid Assessment Format.