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CALACS produces and disseminates policy-oriented research to advance knowledge and support policy-making on issues affecting ALAC countries, their relations with India, and policy coalitions and institutions of the Global South (i.e. IBSA, BRICS and NDB). In order to achieve this goal, CALACS partners with other JGU research centers and institutions working with/in ALAC countries to establish joint research frameworks, faculty exchange programs, and international publication ventures. CALACS publishes monthly newsletters containing analyses of current events in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean by CALACS analysts and guest experts.  

CALACS also publishes two series: Working Papers, which highlight scholarly research on ALAC countries; and Policy Papers, which focuses on current issues in public policy. JGU faculty and students, invited guests, and associate institutions and individuals are encouraged to submit their work for publication through the CALACS Working Papers series. CALACS Policy Papers series are a product of CALACS research programs or independent, on-demand advisory services provided by CALACS faculty and associate institutions and individuals to partner governments, donor agencies and other entities.

  • Cross-university and external partnerships
  • Faculty exchange programs (research and teaching fellowships)
  • Monthly newsletters, working and policy papers, and international publications.    

CALACS policy brief series "Beyond Aid and the Future of Development Cooperation"

  • Policy or no policy: what lies ahead for India's development cooperation? Author: Hima Bindu (Click Here)
  • Ministry of International Development Cooperation: the way forward. Author: Shantanu Kanade (Click Here)
  • Impact of lines of credit in India's Development Cooperation. Author: Vyshali Kottam (Click Here)
  • Engaging and partnering with civil society and non-sate organizations. Author: Aparna Raman (Click Here)
  • India's development cooperation as we move forward. Author: Amika Bawa (Click Here)

CALACS working paper series "Beyond Aid and the Future of Development Cooperation"

  • The China-Mozambique Project of Agricultural Technology Transfer under WAADL: How does it fit into the South-South Cooperation Debate? Author: Derio Chirindza (Click Here)
  • The implications of the resettlement strategy of the Vale-Mozambique project on the local communities in the Tete Province. Author: Issufo Dias (Click Here)
  • Understanding capacity development in South-South Cooperation. Author: Hima Bindu (Click Here)
  • Barefoot College and capacity development in South-South Cooperation. Author: Kanika Khasrbanda (Click Here)
  • Technology Transfer: North-South or South-South? Author: Sanjana Medipally (Click Here)
  • Lightning a billion lives: a model for South-South Technology Transfer. Author: Shantanu Kanade (Click Here)