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Panel Discussion on Censorship Vs Sensationalism -Challenges to Reporting Media- By Nishtha Gautam, Karnika Kohli and Jahnavi Sen

Karnika Kohli:

Karnika Kohli started speaking by differentiating Sensationalism with other ideas. She addressed the audience with her first example from a headline of Times of India – “Modi in Rambo act, saves 15,000 people” Around 80 Toyota Innovas were requisitioned to ferry Gujaratis to safer places in Dehradun as were four Boeings. Modi’s men have not only para-dropped a complete medical team in Hardwar, they have also set up camps across the flood-hit regions. She said this is a perfect example to start with the panel discussion about fake news. TOI’s clarified their stance after three-weeks, but the damage appears to have been done.                                                                                       

She moved on to the debate on how free is our media after 2014 and how self censorship came in which is different from the case occurred in the time of emergency, the report of the covering of train derailment during 2007 (UPA) and also mentioned about BJP spokesperson Patra’s fall for fake news on Social media.

Media is beleaguered by sensationalism and wrong reporting. Though being the “fourth pillar” of Indian Democracy sensationalize news that it sometimes leads to outbreak in our society and ‘Yellow Journalism’ prevails.”

Nishtha Gautam:

She continues by discussing the idea of-crossing an idea and working on it from various angles. An angle has to be discovered by the media on how to surpass the sensational story of other media house. Every media house has their different version of half-truth cooked story to serve us, Post-truth world. Every media house wants to break the story first without even checking the facts behind it.

Revenue generation is also a very important task for media houses as there is continuous competition working around.

Jahnavi Sen:

She leads the audience to the world of digital Journalism and how it is gaining its importance in today’s world and she also mentions the existence of Yellow Page Journalism. The media needs to work on trust through legitimacy in their sources. Media always had a misconception of truth in the stories broadcasted.

 She also gave and overview of the idea of how social media had played an essential role in sustaining media outlets such as Quint and Wire.