A New South Asia

As an inheritor of venerable civilizations South Asia has seen fluid political, economic and cultural interaction in recent historical memory. Unfortunately today it is the least integrated of the world’s contiguous land masses, racked by interminable hostilities, low levels of people to people contact and the threat of nuclear conflict. 

The Centre for a New South Asia seeks to mitigate the security dilemma of this region of great potential and immense risk by reviving that liberal and free exchange which formerly existed and which is the foundation of peace and civilizational growth. CNSA utilizes interdisciplinary research, debate, dialogue, performances and ideas to advance this goal. 

Along with talks, seminars, conferences and exchanges with academics, students and practitioners from across the region as well as globally, CNSA focuses on the power of performances and consanguinity in culture to move the prevailing paradigm from a realist zero sum interaction towards the liberal order prevalent in other parts of the world.