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The increasing interconnectedness of international phenomena due to greater density of crossborder contact and exchanges is rendering the practical and academic use of single-disciplined and methodologically incomplete studies obsolete. A School that combines the essences of International Relations, International Law and International Business is a necessity of our globalised times because of the density and thickness of international problems. Internationally conscious students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline, as well as diplomats, international lawyers, media personnel and corporate managers, require broad-based, eclectic and inter-disciplinary education and training that will be assets in the knowledge-oriented global workplace. The Jindal School of International Affairs (JSIA) aims to address this need and enhance Indian and international capacities of analysing and solving world problems. It intends to strengthen the intellectual basis for planning India’s march to great power status as a responsible member of the international community with its own trademark vision for global governance and stable world order.