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JGU’s faculty members and students undertake research through its schools, research centres, and institutes. Research is funded through external or internal grants, or are self-funded. To date, our researchers have undertaken projects with public, private and non-profit organizations based in India and across the globe on issues ranging from public policy, urban planning, and intellectual property rights to energy security, agrarian policy, and civil society. A selection of these research projects, both completed and ongoing, is described below to highlight our domain areas of experience and expertise.

  • CSPV Databases

    • The Manipur Micro-level Insurgency Database is a record of “everyday” violence experienced in the state of Manipur. The database is divided into three distinct series: MMID 2006-2007, MMID-2008-2009 and MMID-2009- 2014.


  • Reconsidering European Contributions to Global Justice (GLOBUS)

    In 2015, JGU was selected as one of eight global partner institutions for the ‘Reconsidering European Contributions to Global Justice’ (GLOBUS) project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020, the world’s largest research programme.

  • Jindal Centre for Israel Studies


    The Jindal Centre for Israel Studies intends to merge three pillars effecting Israel Studies through its research and teaching programs – Israel Studies, Holocaust Studies and Jewish Studies. All the listed

  • Baltimore-Ashkelon Sister City Partnership: Responses to Jewish Identity and Community Exchanges

    This multi-sited ethnographic project aims to understand how the Jewish community in Baltimore continues to influence economic development and cultural exchanges in Israel through its “sister city”

  • Introducing Holocaust Studies for Indian Higher Education

    The research is targeted towards writing a guidebook on why and how Indian higher education needs to approach the study of the Holocaust, its unique position in human history and the responses from international justice.

  • History-writing in the Nation-making in Israel and India: A Comparative Study

    The study examines the role of historywriting in the nation-making in Israel and India. By comparing the Israeli and Indian historiography, the project looks into the idea and method employed in the revisionist history-writing of the two nations.