International Collaborations

Launched through a strategic partnership with the United Nations University, JSIA has partnered with universities, think tanks, and research centres around the world.

JSIA offers student exchanges and collaborative degree programs for BA and MA students, as well as opportunities to intern at leading think tanks. 

Under the student exchange program, BA and MA students spend 1-2 semesters at a partner university. Tuition is paid at JGU and board and lodging at the partner university. These programs provide students with a great opportunity to live in a new country, try out new courses, and meet new people. The program is attractive also because of its affordability – students get a taste of an international education while paying tuition at JGU. 

Under the collaborative degree program, students spend 1 year at a partner university, and earn a degree from the partner university as well. At the end of two years, students graduate with two degrees. Tuition and Board and Lodging are to be paid at the partner university, though scholarships opportunities are available as well.

Partner Universities

Bush School of Government, Texas A&M University,USA
Daemen College, USA
University of Warsaw, Poland
Balsille School of International Affairs, Canada
Leiden University, Netherlands
KoC University, Turkey
University of Basel, Switzerland
Ontario University, Canada
Long Island University, USA
National Chengchi University, Taiwan
Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indian University, USA
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valaparisson, Chile
William Paterson University, USA
Leeds University, UK
Katholieke University, Leuven, Belgium
Tel Aviv University, Israel
Arab International University

Collaborative degree programs with

University of Birmingham, UK
Queen Mary University, UK
University of Leeds, UK

JSIA has understandings with leading think-tanks, international NGOs and research institutes to provide research and internship opportunities for BAGA, M.A. (DLB) and PhD students.

The Brookings Institution, U.S.A.
Conectas Human Rights (Brazil)
Institute Brazil-Africa (Brazil)
Institute for Global Dialogue (South Africa)
Center for BRICS Studies at Fudan University (China)
Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) of the Dominican Republic
United Nations Development Programme
United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty
International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi
Nonviolent Peace Force, Philippines
Oxfam International
Save the Children
Third World Network
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
One World South Asia
ActionAid International
Gateway House, India