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Distinctive Features

  • Global curriculum and pedagogy
  • Multidisciplinary courses to train students in various areas of Global Policy Studies
  • Experiential learning facilitated via field trips, internships and initiatives in 11 research centers; analytical thinking and critical reasoning enhanced through scenario building exercises, research papers and interactive learning sessions
  • Internationally qualified teaching and research faculty from top universities of the world
  • Efficient and effective faculty-student interaction, smaller classes, mentormentee programme, extra tutorial sessions
  • International studies library with over 50,000 volumes and extensive electronic databases
  • Partnerships with the best educational establishments around the world International student and faculty exchange programmes, summer schools and the “Globally Networked Future Diplomats Development Programme”
  • Regular public lecture series--Seminars, symposiums and workshops engaging eminent scholars from around the world
  • Mandatory Training in foreign languages including Arabic, French, Mandarin and Spanish
  • Monthly faculty board meetings and open house sessions with students for constant curriculum, pedagogy, administrative and behavioral review and reform