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Ms. Loveleena Sharma

Loveleena Sharma has done her Masters in International Relations from South Asian University and Bachelors in Political Science from Delhi University. She is a Commissioning Editor at E-International Relations. Her major areas of interest are Role of Media in Diplomacy, South Asian affairs and Cultural Studies. Her other interests include reading, cinema, and theater.



Mr. Moses Raj GS

Moses Raj G S is a lawyer and a former Advertising professional and is currently an intern with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi where he is working towards expanding scholarship in Nuclear Law. He is a writer, theatre aficionado and travel enthusiast.



Ms. Angana Das

Angana Das has done her Masters in Conflict Analysis & Peace Building from Jamia Millia Islamia and Bachelors in Political Science from University of Delhi. She has experience of interning and working in development and media organizations such as Hindustan Times Edge, PRS Legislative Research, National Commission for Women, Save the Children where she has undertaken research and advocacy work. Her areas of interest include Alternative Approaches to Peace Building Practices, Non-traditional Security Threats and the Role of International Organizations in Conflict Resolution and Development.



Mr. Joy Mitra 

Joy Mitra has done his Masters in Diplomacy, Law and Business from Jindal School of International Affairs. Currently he is affiliated with Wikistrat as a Researcher and as a Contributing Analyst with New York based Indrastra Global. His writing has featured in ICS Analysis, Indrastra, Stimson's South Asian Voices, The Diplomat, FPRC Journal, International Policy Digest etc.



Ms. Nayantara Shaunik

Nayantara Shaunik has done her Masters in International Relations from The London School of Economics and Political Science and Bachelors with Honours in Political Science from the University of Delhi. She is a Research Analyst who has worked on Southeast Asian politics with special reference to Myanmar and the impact of the US, China, and India on the ASEAN and beyond. She is presently looking at deconstructing the dynamics of regional economic cooperation on the idea and theory of the "Indo-Pacific".



Mr. Peerzada Raouf

Peerzada Raouf has done Masters from the Centre for Studies in Regional Development, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Bachelors in Geography from Aligarh Muslim University. He is a PhD candidate at the Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics. His PhD work is titled The Political Economy of Spatio-Geographical Dimensions of Hydro Politics: A Case Study of the Energy Paradigm of Jammu and Kashmir. His research interests are Critical Geography, Hydro-politics, Human Geography, International Relations and Politics in South Asia. He has been a part of the project on the Gender Atlas of India and is associated with the Developing Countries Research Centre (DCAC). He has nearly two years of teaching experience as an Assistant Professor at Dyal Singh, Miranda and Kirori Mal colleges of Delhi University.



Ms. Prapti Adhikari

Prapti Adhakari is a citizen of Nepal. She has completed her Masters in (International Relations) from South Asian University in New Delhi and Bachelors in Development Studies. While pursuing undergraduate studies, she has worked with various NGOs. She also freelanced for an NGO and The Asia Foundation's collaborative research related to Earthquake Aid Impact Assessment in Nepal. Presently, she is working as Reporting and Communications Officer at Handicap International for the Emergency Response Division. Her areas of interest are diverse- Culture/Cultural Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies and Development. While she is an avid read of fiction stories, she also likes to write, besides being a passionate dancer. She strongly believes that 'Life is to learn'.



Mr. Syed A A Farhan

Syed A A Farhan, has done his Masters in Diplomacy, Law and Business from Jindal School of International Affairs. He is an International Affairs and a Non-traditional Security Analyst. He has presented his work at numerous conferences and has worked in 'Risk Analysis' for over two years. His areas of interest include Engaging closely in the Intersection of Politics, Climate Change, Sustainability and Security.