Dr. Silvia Bottega

Assistant Professor & Assistant Dean

B.A.; M.A. (University of Perugia); Ph. D. (University of Turin)

Dr. Silvia Bottega is Assistant Professor at the Jindal Global University’s School of International Affairs where she teaches the following courses: Sociology I (Institutions and Social Change), International Law and Organizations, Ethics and War, Culture & Media Studies, UN Peacekeeping.

Before joining JGU in July 2016, she delivered seminars in Japan (Hitotsubashi University’s Department of Sociology, Tokyo) and the Netherlands (Maastricht University’ Graduate School of Governance UNU-MERIT), and she worked as Researcher at the United Nations University’ Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS) in Belgium, among others.

As a humanitarian practitioner she worked at the UNRWA’s West Bank Field Office in East Jerusalem (Gender mainstreaming/Poverty alleviation programmes), but she has also experience in the field of economic/trade analysis and economic diplomacy (in Tel Aviv, where she worked at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry; in Manila, where she collaborated with the Italian Embassy’s Trade Office).

Since her MA studies her main areas of interest are: the changing character of warfare (means, methodologies) and its humanitarian impact on different kind of actors including combatants, captives and hostages, women, displaced persons and refugees. Her interests extend to the study of international crimes and crimes of war, philosophical and symbolic aspects of violence, the use of media for promoting social change and denouncing abuses (from photographic reportages to documentary movies’ realization).

She conducted field research in the Philippines (Violence against Women and the ‘New Wars’, 2008), in the West Bank (Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails; hostage-prisoners’ exchanges – 2013 publication on the symbolic role of hostages in conflict zones).

As a Consultant she also travelled to Ethiopia (AU’s Hqs) and Nepal (SAARC) in 2014 for finalizing the outcomes of an UNU-CRIS Project (“Capacity Building Initiative”) focusing on the role of regional and other intergovernmental organizations relevant in the field of “Peace and Security”.

She participated to many international conferences throughout the world. Dr. Silvia Bottega holds a BA in International Relations and a MA in Foreign Policy & International System (University of Perugia, founded in 1308), and a PhD in Strategic Science (University of Turin, founded in 1404).

She defended in 2012 her PhD Thesis (Diplomacy of captivity and the prisoners of war: from the ancient age to the current challenges, 2012) at the University of Turin’s Doctoral School in Strategic Science (which collaborates with the Italian Army Officers’ School), a research work that connects the area of diplomatic relations among warring parties and the practical development of the idea of ‘legal protection’ of those who are hors de combat (and the development of international humanitarian law itself).

She can speak Italian and English, French and Spanish.