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Pool of Applicants

Given the professional edge to the JSIA’s degree programmes in which theory and practice are equally distributed in weight, it is expected that a number of practitioners who have already ventured into careers will be attracted to apply as candidates. 

The geographical and thematic breadth of coverage in the course curriculum, as well as the internationally competitive faculty handling the teaching work load, mean that premium programmes are on offer that will train students in multiple skills to excel in the global economy and an international job market. 

The projected target group for admissions to JSIA’s degree programmes includes internationally conscious Indians who have completed a (10+2) grade (for BA in Global Affairs degree) and a Bachelors degree in any discipline (for MA DLB degree); foreign students who wish to participate in and witness India’s rise in world affairs from an intellectual angle; early career international business executives from Indian and foreign corporations interested in operating in India and abroad; officers from India’s elite administrative, foreign and intelligence services; as well as Indian media personnel and lawyers who wish to work on issues that are international in nature.