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Espousing the philosophy of how contemporary economic theories look at socio-economic problems in a variety of ways, the Centre for New Economics Studies (CNES) through its research and activities aims to focus more on exploring the diversity of the scholarship on economics. At CNES, students and young researchers are not only exposed to the basic foundations of economic reasoning and thought but are exposed to the inter-disciplinary application of the discipline of economics in fields of political science (via political economy), psychology (via behavioral economics), history (via economic history), legal studies (via law and economics) etc. 

In most universities and traditional learning centres for mainstream economics learning, there still remains a lacuna between the taught economic theory and the application of such theories in the real policy environment. CNES aims to fill this lacuna by linking economic theory with historical experience(s) and empirical observation under a robust, experimental environment of research. At CNES, teaching or understanding a given economic theory cannot be viewed merely as an exposition of received and established truths or as an intellectual exercise in the skills of logical deduction and inference.

Mr. Deepanshu Mohan
Assistant Professor of Economics, Assistant Dean (Academic Affairs), Jindal School of International Affairs,