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70 Years of India-Brazil relations


Marking 70 years of India-­‐Brazil Relationship, the Center for African, Latin American and Caribbean Studies at O.P. Jindal Global University, India, and the Embassy of Brazil in Delhi invite essay submissions from scholars, practitioners, students and enthusiasts. The competition aims to challenge ones' ability to demonstrate innovative ideas towards advancing India-­‐Brazil relations in areas like science, technology and innovation; trade and investments; defence; sustainable development and poverty reduction; governance; multilateral cooperation; and people-­‐to-­‐people exchange. Submissions will be reviewed by a Jury of Experts. Winning submissions will be featured in a publication to be shared with embassies and disseminated through seminars in Brazil and India, providing potential scope for advanced engagement in the field.


The What’s and How’s of the Competition


Essay  Submissions  – Selection Criteria

Marking 70 years of India-­‐Brazil relations, we are looking for submissions that are:


  • Forward-­‐looking;
  • Policy-­‐oriented and actionable;
  • Innovative and creative;
  • Critical and analytical;
  • Discuss an issue/problem/propose a trajectory;
  • Help advance the relations between the two countries.


Note: We are not looking for descriptive writing and/or focused solely on historical analysis or strictly academic style of research).


You can choose any of the topics below and write away:


  1. Science, Technology and Innovation (eq. information technology and communication; space cooperation; renewable energy; research cooperation etc.)
  2. Trade and Investment (eq. MERCOSUR-­‐India agreement; trade relations; FTAs; PTAs; ease of doing business etc.)
  3. Defence Cooperation (eq. military; naval/maritime; aeronautics; joint training/exercises; peacekeeping etc.)
  4. Governance (eq. anti-­‐corruption; youth leadership development /training; e-­‐governance; transparency; social participation etc.)
  5. Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction (eq. food security; education; health, human rights; Sustainable Development Goals etc.)
  6. Multilateral Cooperation (eq. BRICS; G20; NDB; IBSA; UN Reform; BASIC etc.)
  7. People-­‐to-­‐people exchange (cultural exchange; educational and academic cooperation; civil society exchange)

Word Limit

2000 – 2500 Words -­‐ not including title, abstract, author(s) short bio), footnotes and references.

Format & Referencing Style

Times New Roman, Font Size 12, Justified & Harvard In-­‐Text Referencing. Submissions must include abstract and author(s) short bio. Only texts in English will be accepted.


All submissions should be sent on/or before 30th April 2018 to


Individual  entries  as  well  as  group  entries  (with  maximum  3  authors)  are encouraged.


Note: Group entries must have an Indian or Brazilian or both in the team.


For inquires/queries contact


Prof. Karin Costa Vazquez

Assistant Dean for Global Engagement, School of International Affairs;

Executive Director, Center for African, Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CALACS)


Amika Bawa

Research Analyst, CALACS  16jsia-­‐